Sunday, December 21, 2008

Not only at Christmas Time- The Whole ShaBang!

You are all invited to a birthday celebration!

For whom: Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour
Date: Everyday of the year (traditionally December 25th)
When: Whenever you're ready, but don't be too late, you'll miss all the fun!
Where: In your heart. You'll hear God knocking. :)

Hey everyone! Kylie here and I'm so in the Christmas spirit! Can you believe that there are only four days until Christmas? It's so exciting! Well, this is probably going to be the last post before Christmas and it should cover a lot of ground.

Didn't you all love that invitation? My grandmother sent that to me, and thought it would be cool to share with all of you. I love how it says that Jesus' birthday is to be celebrated everyday of the year, not just Christmas. Here is something that makes you think...when was Jesus' birthday? December 25th wasn't Jesus' birthday. Neither was January 6th. We don't know when exactly Jesus was born. In 320 AD Pope Julius chose December 25th as the day to celebrate Jesus' birthday. December 25th is when we celebrate Jesus' birth. But Jesus' birthday shouldn't bound our praise. Let the wonder of his birth stay with us throughout the year.

Here's another one. How many wise men were there? Most people would answer "three". But really how many Magi were there? We don't know! The Bible says that Jesus received three gifts, gold, frankincense and myrrh from Wise Men that came from the East. It never says, "And then came three wise men from the East each bearing a gift for their king." That will remain a mystery for time to come. Another thought about the Magi is them coming to Jesus. They travel far and wide to find him, most likely by night so they could see the star to guide them. They didn't have map quest!!! They didn't have directions that said, "Go Northeast for 400 miles until you come to a dead camel..." It didn't work that way. They believed that there was a Messiah, a coming King and that the star would lead them to him. So they traveled many months, maybe even more to find this Messiah by following a star with faith and hope.

I could write a book on Christmas along with Dave, Elizabeth and Allie but I can't do that right now :D. Like Dave said in his earlier post Christmas isn't about the gifts or the IOU feeling gifts might bring (if you haven't read Dave's post you should!!! It's really good). And like I said in my other post, Reflect on the Miracle of Christmas year round. Sing for joy that you have a Saviour year round! And always remember that the birth of Jesus led to his death for our sins.

Now for some Christmas traditions...Do you have any Holiday traditions? Tell us about it. Leave a comment on this post and let us know what you do at Christmas time.

At my house, we normally set up the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving. On Christmas Eve my family used to go to my Nana's house, but she past away earlier this year so now we're singing in the Christmas choir! On Christmas morning, we open stockings while listening to Charlie Brown Christmas music. Then we open presents (each child gets three gifts because Jesus got three gifts from the Wise Men) and make brunch. We go to my Grandmother's house for Christmas dinner and more Christmas fun.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and you get to spend lots of time with your family and people you care about. And remember the real reason for the season, Jesus.

Merry Christmas!



Kevin said...

Awesome post, Kylie! Very nice reminder.
As to traditions, we (the kids) have to make breakfast for our parents. Then, we get them up when the sun gets up, eat, and open presents. Then, in the afternoon, we go to ma uncle's house for about 8 hours.
We used to make a little cupcake for Jesus' birthday cake, but for some reason we stopped...

Dave said...

Payer request! I'm not feeling 100% and I'd like to go shopping tomorrow. If you all could pray that I get better, I'd be very grateful. You all rock. :)

Kylie~Clare said...

Already praying :) hope you feel better!

Jenna said...

hope you feel better dave! and i hope everyone else will be in good health 4 the holidays! :)
we usually go to my grandma's house on the Christmas eve, but this year her knee is really hurting her (please pray for her! she is my only grandparent left and she's 80 years old) so were having it at my house this year. we are also going to the Christmas service down in washington d.c. at the cathedral!
yep, its going to be supercalifragilisticexpealdoshious! :D
hope y'all have a great Christmas!

Jenna said...

btw, awesome post kylie :)

Dr. R physco said...

great post!