Wednesday, December 3, 2008

God is our battery!

Yeah so this is Dave here. From the post title you probably are like, "Uh.... buddy you have some serious theology problems." Please don't think I mean any disrespect to God or think that I think of him as a battery. What I'm saying is, without God, we are like electronics without batteries. Utterly useless and lifeless. I sometimes realize that i have been trusting my own strength and not God's in hard situations. I am frustrated, because things are not going the way they should, despite all my hard work. In those times I need to remember that it is God who gives us strength. We must depend on God's strength, and give him the glory for our accomplishments. He created us after all. I remind myself of this from something that happened to me this summer. I was in a play, and I had quite a few lines to memorized. God has blessed me with a pretty good head for memorizing lines, but despite all my efforts, the dress rehearsal was terrible for me. I stuttered and stammered and was REALLY nervous. Sitting back stage before the performance, I reflected on the rehearsal. I came to realize that I had been depending on my strength and thinking I could do everything. I realized that without God, we are helpless. I prayed and asked God's forgiveness for my behavior, and asked for his help. Well, God answered me. The performance went really well. I didn't get the lines perfect, but God helped me cover my mistakes and I didn't stammer nearly as much. This is just one of the many example's of how much we need God.
just a thought,
P.S. Oh and this right here is a evidence of our need for God. If you get anything out of this post from a foolish, pridefull, 14 year old boy, it's only by God's grace.


Allie said...

This is good David, thanks for this example :) We deff need to rely ONLY on God's strength if we relied on our own... well, it wouldn't end well!! Thanks again :) I got something out of this ;)

Jenna said...

Isaiah 26:3 -
You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.

Dr. R physco said...

AMEN BROTHER! totaly correct!

I to often have the problem of relying on myself and not on God. But like you said, God is the battery and we are the electronical thing-a-majiggy gadget that is powerless. amen to what you said!


-Dr. R. Phsycopath

one way up cast said...

That's so great Dave! I got a lot out of that!!! :D

Hopefully we'll all be hearing from you more often :D

Elizabeth K. said...

Isn't it funny how we try to do everything ourselves, even with the knowledge that it can't be done in our power? When we say things like, "I'll NEVER get all this school work done," it could be called exaggeration. Or maybe it's the flat truth. We can't. Left to ourselves, all we'd be able to do is sin, sin, sin. But we try to do it anyway. Why? Becuase we're proud. We'd like to be God, rather than admitting that God is God (or, as C.S. Lewis puts it in "Out of the Silent Planet," "'They each want to be their own little Oyarsa.'") Fortunately (although that word implies that it was left to "fortune", or luck, which it wasn't and isn't), there's this wonderful thing called Mercy. And on top of that is Grace. And the best part is that they're totally, completely, utterly free! Praise God!
...that was like a post in and of itself. :-)