Thursday, January 22, 2009

Quick note for girls

Hey. Sorry guys (and by guys I mean you boys!! This post isn't for you.

I just wanted to talk to the girls about the chapter "God, My Heart and Clothes" In CJ's worldliness book. It's such a great chapter that adresses modesty and what's going on inside our hearts that makes us dress the way we do.

I am sure several of you are constantly aware of how you dress. I have to think about it a lot so I can bless my two brothers and my brothers in Christ. This chapter was such a blessing to me in this area, and I'm sure it will help you too. Also, Carolyn Mahaney has a Modest Heart Checklist I think it's called and that is located in the back of the Worldliness book also.

I just wanted to encourage you girls to read that chapter if you haven't already!

A Blessed Girl,



Elizabeth K. said...

I sort of skimmed it a while ago... I'll get to actually reading it. :-) Thanks, Kylie!
Solo de gloria

nolly said...

Thanks for this Kylie! We all need frequent reminders on this.