Monday, January 5, 2009

Pick A Little Talk A Lot

So we were taking a car drive home from Coop and we were on our way to a Chinese Restaurant not far from my house. I was telling my Mom and siblings about something seemingly hilarious to me in excruciating detail. I was going on and on, when my mom finally said:

"Okay! Kylie, haven't you said enough?" She asked looking at me from the front seat.

"But I'm not done yet! Then Daniel said..."

The car stopped. "I'll be right back. I'm going to get the Chinese food." So Mom got out of the car with my little sister Kiera. Leaving me with my two brothers. I continued on talking.

Then Mom came back with Kiera and a bag of Chinese food.

"Fortune Cookie anyone?" Kiera asked with a handful of chinese fortune cookies. I took one from her hand and continued on with my story.

I broke open the fortune cookie and stopped talking. I read outloud my fortune. " Your words are meaningless."

Instantly everyone in the car started laughing. My mom was laughing for several minutes after we drove away.

I was kidding of course. That's not what my fortune really said. Everyone was basically ignoring everything I said and when I said my words are meaningless, they found that hysterical. There's a lesson to be learned from this story.

I talk way too much. Haha. Most of friends can tell you I love talking.

Proverbs 10:19 says, "When words are many sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise."

I'd say that's the main point of this post. Talking too much can be very bad. There have been many times when a friend would say, "Umm Kylie are you sure you should say what you're about to say?" or "Remember to think before you speak."

Thinking before I speak is the biggest thing. Will what I'm about to say benefit those I'm around? Could this hurt someone's feelings? Could this shed bad light on me or others?

is it Thoughful?
is it Helpful?
is it Important?
is it Nessacary?
is it Kind?

When I don't have a reason for speaking, I'm normally speaking to get peoples attention or to turn the conversation around so I can be the main focus. That's just selfish, prideful and just wrong! All conversation that we have should be GOD glorifying not Kylie glorifying.

"Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing." Proverbs 12:18

I want to have a tongue of the wise, not a person who speaks reckless words. I was convicted of this sin in the past, and by God's grace I have been doing better in this area. Please keep me in your prayers. And I'm sorry if I've ever said any sort of reckless speech around you or to you. I'm sorry for doing it period, and I'm glad I have a Loving God whose already forgiven me, and I'm thankful for my loving friends that forgive without reservations. :)

And also, I would like to encourage you, that if one of your friends or equaintences says something questionable in any way; don't be afraid to confront them about it. Our job as friends is to help our friends grow in wisdom.

An extremely blessed girl,



Jenna said...

great post kylie!

im the exact same way, i have said many things that have not only not glorified God, but has hurt the person i was talking to. :'(

words are really strong, but are wonderful gifts from God!
we shouldnt abuse the gift of words.

Jenna said...

oh, and about the poll, i think that One Way Up's theme song should be One Way Jesus because they both have 'One Way' in them. and because there's only one way to heaven (up!) and thats Jesus!

Dave said...

Great post Kylie! I know i am guilty of this ALL the time. :)

Elizabeth K. said...

Ditto to the guilty as charged issue. But, as Luther says, "I admit that I deserve death and hell. What of it? For I know one who made satisfaction on my behalf. His name is Jesus Christ, Son of God. Where He is, there I shall be also."
To quote someone else, namely Solomon, "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." My pervious caregroup leader, Mr. Hollandsworth, was talking about this last year. He was listening to us talking about encouraging our friends and talking constructively with our friends and speaking in love to our friends, and he jumped in the middle. He said that was all good stuff, and we should totally do it, but "when I think of iron rubbing against iron, I think... conflict!" In other words, yeah, sometimes it might be rough. If you have to bring something to your friend's attention, it's hardly going to feel like a warm, fuzzy blanket. But, in the long run, it sharpens both you and your friend to be better tools in the hands of our Lord and Saviour.
Wow... long comment again. Sorry.

Solo de gloria!

daniel said...

ok sorry off topic but what was the story? i couldn't help noticing that my name was mentioned in the story, and i was wondering if it was me or some other daniel...

Kevin said...

Whoa whoa whoa, Dan! She's like, "The story was long and unneeded" and you're like, "What was it?"
I'm just kidding with you, btw :D
Actually, I really don't have that much of a problem with this... Mostly because I'm not that good at conversation.
Although I do continue on when the other person is bored of my topic.

Elizabeth K. said...

Haha, Dan. "Hey, look! A post, probably about something important.... OH! It's ME! Where do I come into this play?? now I'm so distracted that I can't focus on the post itself because I was there! I left my fingerprints on history, dude!"
Kidding with you, Dan... :-)

daniel said...

And the thing is she never saw my question :) LOL