Saturday, April 25, 2009

God's Work and Grace in our Lives (Elizabeth and Kylie)

As I'm sure pretty much everybody who comes here knows, we just performed the show Pilgrim. Lots of people in the show, myself included, were more than a little bit nervous. The dress rehearsal just before opening night had been full of "speed bumps." We prayed before the show that we'd do the show for the glory of God, and not for our own glory. We prayed for the unbelievers and believers alike who were coming to see the show. So, here's the cool thing. The prayer didn't stay downstairs. I, and probably other people as well, were praying backstage. (This is NOT to exult myself as a godly person or anything like that. I would not have done that of my own accord, it was definitely the King helping me.)

Sometimes, when we read the words "Pray without ceasing" in our Bibles, it looks so dull. Pray all the time? Ugh! Can't we do anything fun? We get this mental image of praying on our knees, heads bowed, hands clasped together. We think of it as boring.

Well, He showed me something last night. It's not a drag. "It's just talkin' to Him." I had peace, not anxiety, and hope, not fear. I know God was working last night, and I could feel His pleasure that we were portraying Him, or at least trying to do so. We serve a God who is all too ready to answer our prayers.

Yes, and God has answered our prayers. Mrs. Mays spent SOOO much time praying for everyone in the cast and crew individualy. And praying for all the characters...Mrs. Mays did not make a single decision without asking God first. The whole show was turned over to God and it's just been revealed to us that anything is possible with God. Only by God's grace has the show come together. And God has taken away our anxiety and fear and filled us with joy and amazement. God is So GOOD!

In His Grace,

Elizabeth and Kylie


Allie said...

Yes! God is soooo good! :D The play was amazing! It really proclaimed the story soo well! God is sooo good! Wow! He's awesome!!

Samuel said...

amen, it is truly amazing to see how well God makes the play come out. If you compare either of the shows to the dress rehearsal you can clearly see a miracle of God, there is simply no other explanation for the difference.

R.G. said...


Kirstin Rose said...

Totally! It is truly amazing how well they pulled it all together! I loved the show. I can't wait to see it again! Thanks for posting!

Jenna said...

The show was amazing! It inspired me so much! God really was working through you guys! I'm sure there were many convicted unbelievers.