Saturday, November 15, 2008


This is an update from Kylie and Allie!  

We've added some new things to the site, our contact info if you have any questions, a poll, Bible Verses everyday and some fun stuff about us! 

So tonight we were getting ready to serve on Worship Team for Children's Ministry at Church. A lot of our friends from youth group serve with us which is making the experience all the better. We're lead by Mr. B, the leader of Children's ministry at church, and he's such a great example for us! Way to go Mr. B! WOOOO! 

Besides that, we're still organizing things for filming and such, so if you have any ideas of things we should do on the show please comment or email!!! 

God Bless!!! 

~ Allie and Kylie


Elizabeth K. said...

(First comment song, because I can't dance...)

Ideas for our show, hmm? I say we could totally do a character sketch, and your idea (to Kylie) of making fun of all of us was really cool. :-)
GO MR. B! I doubt he'll ever read this, but huzzah for him anyway.

one way up cast said...

comment song?

I hope Mr.B will read this, that'd be cool :D

Jenna said...

I was thinking you guys could have some cool little corner set up, with couches and such, like in those interviews on TV, and you could interview/have people come on and talk and stuff! :D

Samuel said...

who all is planned to be the cast?
is there anything I can do to help?
nice job on the site chris!
and what direction does the show plan to go: will it be unconnected episodes or is it going to be a storyline? What is the focus of the show?

Allie said...

The cast is, i believe...
Umm Jenna, I'm not exactly positive what we're doing but i do like that idea! I think we're just gonna film at diffrent places, or something
For the episodes, um i'm not sure, i mean there's not gonna b a storyline, well... maybe for the "not so reality show" but I don't know yet....
Anyway, I don't know everything... Kylie will know much more! So Kylie, correct me on anything and add whatever else!
Thanks guys!
Allie :)

Dr. D said...

As far as the "advice" goes, i think that is a great idea. But we are not in the least experts on Christianity or whatever else we'll get asked about. So we got to make sure not to be prideful in our advice and ask others for advice on the advice we will advise to those who ask for advise. Anyway just a thought. :)

one way up cast said...

Allie is right about the cast, but we want to give other people to come on the show too.

One Way Up doesn't exactly need a plotline. The first episode's theme is on being lights for those around us. We will have a 'couch talk' type thing like you said Jenna, and we hope to get an interview with Mr.B (haha..I haven't asked him yet :D)We also want to get interviews with other kids and teens about the importance that it is for them.

Sam-I'm sure there will be something for you to help with. I'll keep you posted :)

Dave-thanks for that reminder! We are certainly not experts on Christianity, but as friends we would like to help you (and for you to help us!) keep our lives cross centered. We all need to be good friends to eachother in this area.


Elizabeth K. said...

Hahaha... us, experts on Christianity? OK, joke's over. For the record, even though every one else has already said it, we are NOT experts.
Yes, Froggie, a comment song. I can't really dance, but I can sing, so I'll make a comment song... gosh! jk.

Dr. R physco said...

Great blog! Good design, nice theme. Like it!

- Dr. R phsycopath

Dr. R physco said...

i would love to help in any way i can.

- D.r .R.S

Allie said...

Haha, ya we are NOT experts or are we claiming to be, lol! We can get advice from older and wiser people and share them with all you, like from books and adult guests, like if we get Mr. B.... But ya we can encouarge others to be examples of stuff and we can try our best to b examples too!! We can do it with God's help :D srry for like repeating that we aren't experts.. lol

Anyway... Thanks Dr. R Physco, we might b able to use ur help just don't know how yet....

Daniel said...

... Nice guys.

Elizabeth K. said...

Oh, as far as Thanksgiving polls go, I think I'd like an option of "Getting to see your family"... lol. JK, Kylie...

Dr. R physco said...

well if there is anything i can do, I'd be glad to do it. I specialize in explosions. oh and graphic designing.

-Dr. R.s

Elizabeth K. said...

Heh heh. Dude, if we plan on blowing anything up, we'll give you a call. Just be careful to not light anyone's house on fire, you know... :-)